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Founded in 1990, The Addaxa Group is specialized in digital printing, signage, and engraving products. Today, our company brings together various brands, including our oldest partner, the Armand printing company, which was founded in Isère, 1960. The latter, located in downtown Grenoble, is still in function after all these years in its establishment and on the web.

In an industry that is constantly evolving, we believe that our company’s strength lies in its ability to constantly adapt to new markets. While doing so, we maintain our commitments to not only our partners and suppliers, but also to our customers with whom we foster lasting relationships of trust. Finally, we are very attentive to the personal development and protection of our employees: people are at the heart of our company's performance.

who we are


First and foremost, we are driven by our aspiration for excellence, our values, our conscientious work, and our ability to discern changes and adapt. We have put in place numerous procedures to ensure our partners receive the best services. Moreover, we guarantee the highest quality of our products with rigorous controls of both the engraving and printing production, as well as regular testing of our marking solutions.

The experience of our employees in the field of digital printing certifies professional know-how and a quick understanding of our customers’ needs. We make every effort to exceed expectations to keep our partners satisfied in the long run.

your satisfaction

Our production is, 100% FRENCH

That’s right, our production is 100% French, made in Isère, Saint-Martin-Le-Vinoux. In the workshop, our employees put their dynamism and skills at the service of your orders, ensuring fully customizable products. The prints are processed as quickly as possible, meeting maximum requirements in terms of quality.

french production


The demand for customer satisfaction.

For us, customer satisfaction is fundamental. It has always been and will remain our watchword. The trust of our partners deserves the outmost best printing and engraving available on the market, and we deliver it through our skills and years of experience in this field.

The focus on innovation

We strive in every way to stay on top of technological innovations so that we always remain leaders in the printing industry. Besides, we have the very best in terms of the latest-generation printers and lasers, which is a testament to our determination. Furthermore, our employees receive advanced training to keep up with the latest computer technology.

We print in an environmentally friendly manner.

We favor technologies, products, and supplies that protect the environment and the health of our employees. Today, the Addaxa Group is deeply committed to reducing its environmental impact by continuously improving its manufacturing process.

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